With Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Sophie Bueno-Boutellier, Susan Collis, Marcelline Delbecq, Mimosa Echard, Alicja Kwade, Maria Loboda, Anne Laure Sacriste, Iris Van Dongen, Jessica Warboys, Anne Wenzel.

Between contemporary romanticism and a gloomy minimalism, Into the Woods offers visitors an enigmatic aesthetic experience. Dreamed up as a walk in the woods, the show limns a phantasmagoric mental landscape through the work of eleven women artists. Painting, sculpture, drawing, video, sound art and installations, the techniques employed vary widely, starting us along a path that is full of mystery. Recollections of fairytales and woodland folklore are hinted at, read between the lines, while the artworks themselves loom up like incantations. Their apparent obscurity offers numerous portals into parallel worlds, where enchantment lies waiting for us. Between a semblance of rituals, a cabinet of dark works drawn perhaps from the black arts, and a final alchemical note, visitors get lost in the show, the better to find themselves along the way.
In conjunction with Into the Woods, a catalogue is scheduled for publication along with a limited-edition print, numbered and signed by Anne Laure Sacriste. Catalogue and print will be available mid-February in the bookshop of the Galerie des Galeries as well as on line, at the website of the publisher, Bernard Chauveau (www.bernardchauveau-editeur.com).

*Born in 1977, Daria de Beauvais is currently a curator at the Palais de Tokyo. She is also active as a freelance curator, programing for instance the Galerie Saint-Séverin in Paris.

Into the Woods - © Galerie des Galeries
Into the Woods - © Galerie des Galeries
Into the Woods - © Galerie des Galeries
Into the Woods - © Galerie des Galeries

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