Au 37, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, Martin Boyce crée l’oeuvre pérenne A Thousand Future Blossoms qui rassemble un portail, un sol et une verrière. Ces trois interventions constituent une narration urbaine où la riche mémoire du lieu se fond en une accumulation de formes, telles des fractales constituées de matériaux minéraux : fer, pierre et verre. A Thousand Future Blossoms est une commande artistique du groupe Galeries Lafayette et de Citynove.

A Thousand Future Blossoms
At 37, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, Martin Boyce created the timeless work entitled A Thousand Future Blossoms. Inspired by the cubist trees created by the Martel brothers for the ’1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts’, Martin Boyce’s work is nurturing the growth of concrete vegetation in the Marais. This hybrid between nature and its artifices is at the core of the artist’s poetry. Martin Boyce draws inspiration from historic motifs in order to grow a graphic forest at the heart of the city. “I developed a pattern, the linear transcription of a tree. I realized by repeating this tree, I was creating a forest, a graphic forest.“
A Thousand Future Blossoms is articulated in three separate works. More than simple sculptures, these monumental works are sites in and of themselves, as indicated by their captions: Threshold, Forest Bed, Canopy. From outside towards the inside of the building, these three artistic creations constitute an urban narrative where the site’s rich history blends with an accumulation of shapes, like fractals, made of mineral materials: iron, stone and glass. A handmade wrought iron gate takes the place of the entrance door, opening onto a Hainaut blue stone floor created from a repetition of fragmented geometric forms. “The ceiling becomes this arboreal canopy, a futuristic cherry blossom”. At the centre of the building stretches a vast expanse of white and pink glass. Under the immense glass roof, 2,000 trapezoid shapes shimmer in the sunlight. As the light intensity varies throughout the day and year, the appearance of the work, the restaurant and even the architecture is constantly metamorphosing.

Other projects
© Galeries Lafayette Marseille Prado - © Galerie des Galeries
Escales at Galeries Lafayette Marseille Prado
x Galeries Lafayette Marseille Prado
Escales is a musical journey through five sound creations designed specifically for the fitting rooms of the Galeries Lafayette Marseille Prado department store.
Xavier Veilhan, *Light Machine*, 2016. Galeries Lafayette Homme © Diane Arques, Adagp - © Galerie des Galeries
Light Machine
x Galeries Lafayette Homme
by Xavier Veilhan
A light installation transforms the entrance of the new store dedicated to menswear.
Martin Boyce - © Galerie des Galeries
Pieter Vermeersch
x Galeries Lafayette de Biarritz
Artist Pieter Vermeersch invests the façade on the sea side of Galeries Lafayette in Biarritz.
Martin Boyce - © Galerie des Galeries
Ulla von Brandenburg
x BHV Homme
A forest dresses the gate of BHV Homme, in the Marais district in Paris.
Cécile Bart, Galeries Lafayette, Nantes © Marc Domage - © Galerie des Galeries
x Galeries Lafayette Nantes
by Cécile Bart
After being invited by Galeries Lafayette, Cécile Bart invests the department store situated in Nantes.

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