Artist Pieter Vermeersch invests the façade on the sea side of Galeries Lafayette in Biarritz.

The Goup Galeries Lafayette has made commitment to creation a core value of its identity. The stores act as mediators between the artists and the public at large, putting in action one of its founding principles: promoting a singular encounter between creation and retail for all.

The work Untitled (2013), was conceived by the artist Pieter Vermeersch for the façade of Galeries Lafayette in Biarritz facing the sea. The starting point of this mural was the photograph of the sky taken in the city at the time of sunset. Made of about hundred sheds of colors, the piece of that sky seems to be on hold and suspended in the middle of the particular environment of Biarritz and its ochre rooftops. The image appears as a stolen piece from the sky, which by its chromatic presence illuminates the city.

The direction of Artistic Actions, Patronage and Heritage of Galeries Lafayette Group implements spaces dedicated to cultural projects in art, fashion and design, for the public at large, as well as artistic commissions in the stores and collaboration with Citynove.

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