Technological Dreams Series : No.1, Robots - © Galerie des Galeries
Technological Dreams Series : No.1, Robots, 2007

Robot 1: High Density Foam painted in red, electronic milling,
metallic base on rollers
Robot 2: High Density Foam painted in black resin,
electronic milling, 4 Plexiglas disks
Robot 3: English Oak and Plexiglas
Robot 4: High Density Foam painted in red, electronic milling,
English Oak base on rollers, nylon rope with plastic end-piece

Project commissioned by: Jan Bolen z33
Courtesy Dunne & Raby
Video: Noam Toran
© Thibaut Voisin

Their Technological Dreams series looks at various scenarios involving domestic robots, each of which has its particular
psychology. Its user may have to adjust to a bad temper, strong independence (Robot #1), verging on hysteria (Robot #2) or
even paranoia (Robot #3) and neediness (Robot #4) which leads the object to a nervous – as well as literal – breakdown.

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