P.O.F. No3 – Balançoire - © Galerie des Galeries
P.O.F. No3 – Balançoire, 1992

Elastomer, wood and reinforced resin, natural fiber rope.
Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris
Collection Colette & Michel Poitevin
© Thibaut Voisin

“The P.O.F. (Prototype d’Objet en Fonctionnement), are opportunities, possibilities”, Hyber likes to say. He has been creating these prototypes of functioning objects – since that is what the acronym means – since 1991. His approach, however, is never functionalist. The object’s shape is not dictated by future use. Hence, these objects are radically different from industry goods, which are mass-produced and serve one purpose only. Though diverse, these 152 prototypes (to date) fall into two main categories: “objects” and “situations”. Visitors are welcome to activate them by thinking up original uses, perhaps of an erotic nature as with this exhibit: the P.O.F. N°3 - Swing.

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